Welcome to the web site of the RI Flying Club.

In keeping with our commitment to General Aviation, our gracious host, we do not wish to advertise in competition with their business.

Every club member can, and is encouraged to, create blog entries. It is much more interesting to everyone if contributions come from us all. Any entry you create you will also be able to edit, but you are not allowed to edit someone else's entries.

However, if anyone has any difficulty entering something they'd like to have posted, just email to info@rifc.us and it will be done.

What's here:

  • Home: A place to find out when the next meeting is, general information about the club to prospective members looking to join such a terrific club!
  • About Us: Anything that you think would be of interest to prospective members and anyone else. For example, humorous ATC/Pilot conversations that have been posted elsewhere can be found here.
  • Aircraft: Aircraft specific information is posted here. For instance, we now have the POH for each of our airplanes posted here. This page also contains a link to the library.
  • Schedule: Gateway to the airplane scheduling calendar.
  • Links: Useful and interesting links to other web sites, including online stores, FAA, ATC, and others.
  • Contact Us: Simple page outlining contact information for various members.