Welcome to the web site of the RI Flying Club.

PO Box 3241
Fullerton, CA 92834

The RI Flying Club is a tax-exempt corporation formed in 1979. Since it is a tax-exempt corporation it is directly benefited by its operational efficiency. The advantage of joining this flying club is that you can learn to fly for much less than the cost of a commercial flying school at any local airport in Southern California.

The RI Flying Club training airplanes cost less than $100 per hour to use including gas and oil. If you went to a commercial flying school at your local airport the cost for the training airplane would be more than $100 or more per hour plus the hourly cost of a flight instructor. The hours required to earn a private pilots license varies, but the average is about 30 hours with an instructor and 30 hours solo (you alone). In addition, you must pass a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written exam on the "rules of the air". It's really like your written exam to earn, or renew, your driver’s license. It is easiest to learn these rules by attending an aviation course available at college night schools. FAA certified instructors teach the classes. It takes a total of 25 to 45 hours and the cost is minimal as an adult education course.

The Club uses the Grumman Traveler for beginning students. These airplanes are some of the best trainers flying. In fact, many licensed pilots fly them for fun. They are also good cross-country aircraft. For the advanced pilot we have a four-place 200 HP Piper Arrow that has a speed of up to 160 MPH. All of our aircraft are equipped for all weather flying, with dual nav/com, marker beacons, transponders and other equipment.

During the weekdays when you fly you pay only for the time the engine is operating. There is no minimum time you have to fly, nor is there a charge for ground time should you decide to remain overnight or for a few days. Vacation flight reservations for longer than nineteen days can be arranged, depending on the number of flight hours to be flown and the membership demand for aircraft.

There are two kinds of membership - single and family. A family membership permits members of the immediate family to have the same flying privileges as any other member. The initiation fee for both memberships are $40.00. In addition to the initiation fee, there is a share deposit required: $500/single membership and $750/family membership. If a member resigns from the Club their share deposit is refunded. The monthly dues are $55/single membership and $69/family membership. Flight time bills and dues are billed to members at the end of the month. Dues are paid in advance for the following month.

To join the Club, fill out a membership application and submit it with a check to cover the initiation fee, the share deposit and the first month dues ($595 for a single membership and $859 for a family). Mail it to the RI Flying Club, PO Box 3241, Fullerton, Ca. 92834.

A little history about the Club: It went into operation on July 1, 1972, as the Fullerton Chapter of the Rockwell International Flying Club, Inc. It split off as a separate Club June 28, 1979. Many of our members get advanced ratings such as Commercial, Multi-engine, Instrument and Instructor. Also, some Club members fly to such places as Mexico, Canada, and the East Coast.

The Club has frequent meetings of the members with planned programs about aviation, club activities, and discussions of membership interest. At present the meetings are the first Wednesday of the month (7:00 PM) at General Aviation FBO at the Fullerton Airport on Commonwealth Avenue (just East of the control tower). Feel free to come to the meetings to meet the members and learn more about the club.

We are based at General Aviation Company,
3915 W. Commonwealth Ave. (on Fullerton Airport),
Fullerton, CA 92833.
(714) 526-6611

Club Bylaws (Revised June 2014)
Standing Rules (Revised September 2018)